First European Motorcycles becomes exclusive stockist of the ROADOG

3rd August 2017

First European Motorcycles director Andy Burchall showing off his ROADOG top and a Triumph 900 Custom Scrambler outside his Christchurch showroom.

First European Motorcycles have become the exclusive stockist of the ROADOG motorcycling top in Christchurch after director Andy Burchall became a convert of the innovative, warm riding gear during a recent winter road trip.

First European is the official agent for Triumph, Moto Guzzi, Aprilla and Vespa in Christchurch and Mr Burchall was keen to have the ROADOG in his store because he believes it should be an essential clothing item for any motorcycling enthusiast in colder regions.

Up until now, the only way to keep warm on a winter ride was through wearing multiple layers of clothing, but those days are over thanks to Glenn Rodgers and his Christchurch-based ROADOG team.

Mr Burchall tested the ROADOG on a recent chilly trip around the South Island and says he has been wearing it ever since.

“I have worn it on all of my winter rides, and can honestly say that if the weather is cool, these tops make a huge difference to your comfort levels when riding,” says Mr Burchall

Mr Burchall says he was intrigued by the design when Mr Rodgers first presented him with a ROADOG top and explained the innovation that combines a layer of Hydrotex to keep the wind off the chest, with high quality New Zealand merino wool and an additional insulating layer of Thinsulate for extra warmth and comfort.

“His timing was perfect as I had a 1300km ride planned the following weekend and a weather forecast showed some very changeable conditions. I thought to myself ‘We’ll get to see how good this Roadog top is today’,” says Mr Burchall who only wore a cotton t-shirt, the ROADOG top and a Triumph adventure textile jacket on the trip.

Roadog Men’s Top

“I pulled the long neck of the top up to form a snood and put my helmet on. I quickly became aware that although the wind was blowing quite strongly I could feel my body and arms were staying warm as toast.”

By the time the group had pulled up in Motueka, Mr Burchall knew the ROADOG was a winner.

“I remember telling the other guys that this is a bloody good piece of kit,” says Mr Burchall.

“On the way back into Christchurch it started to drizzle and I chuckled to myself how lucky I had been that Glenn had popped into the shop with such a fantastic piece of riding gear just before a trip like this.”

Mr Rodgers is excited by the new partnership as both companies and their customers share the same passion for motorcycles and long road trips.

“This partnership gives the customers of First European in the Christchurch region, the opportunity to try the ROADOG and feel the fabric, so they can see for themselves how light and warm the material is,” says Rodgers.

Many years of shivering frustration combined with Glenn’s inquisitive spirit, created ROADOG, a cutting edge, breakthrough clothing product that combines modern technology with the warmth of good old Kiwi Merino wool.

“My business partner David Walsh and myself have been riding for many years, throughout the seasons, but winter rides were frustrating because of the thick, knitted jerseys I needed to wear to keep warm,” says Glenn Rodgers.

The ideal motorcycling top needs to be warm, but not too thick under a jacket and requires specific protection at the front where the cold winds traditionally seeps through the zip and across the chest.

Business partners David and Glenn would test the jerseys, make amendments and started adding other layers to make the top more insulated and fit for purpose.

Many months of research showed that Hydrotex windproof material would be the perfect layer to keep out the wind chill, but a cold overnight ride home after a Bruce Springsteen concert showed that ROADOG needed something extra.

More long weeks of research followed, before Glenn settled on Thinsulate, an American product that now provides a highly efficient, hyper-thin insulating layer between the Merino and the Hydrotex.   “That was a real “Voila” moment,” says Glenn, who also added stretchy double merino snood that can be worn as a collar or warm head cover under a helmet.

Since its launch early this year, the ROADOG has received rave reviews from motorcycling riders and writers in New Zealand and Australia, and has received numerous enquiries from riders and retailers in North America and Europe.