The Team

Glenn RodgersAfter a lifetime of riding the  spectacular (but often cold) roads of New Zealand’s South Island, Glenn Rodgers was unable to source a truly versatile and comfortable ‘middle-layer’ garment for motorcycling. He decided to do something about it and set out to develop one.

Glenn has been in love with motorbikes since he was a teenager and, these days, cruises around on his 48 Harley Davidson.

David WalshMotorcycling buddy David Walsh soon saw the potential and joined the ROADOG team early on – fine-tuning the design and testing each new version on his 1987 BMW K-hundred.

Creagh RobinsonThe third member of our team is Creagh Robinson who has brought the number-crunching, business sense and a heap of energy to the business. Creagh started riding when you didn’t even have to wear helmets on his BSAs, AJSs and a number of Triumphs, but these days carries the supplies on road trips in his ’65 Mustang.

Our team has been wonderfully supported by our strategic partners Pattern Works Ltd who assisted the company in designing the high-quality product and provided invaluable sourcing and manufacturing expertise to our projects.