About Us

After riding the spectacular (but often cold) roads of New Zealand, we were unable to find an effective, lightweight, middle-layer garment. There were no garments on the market without all the bulk, but warm on the road, and aesthetic enough to leave on at the destination.

Wearing multiple layers is often annoying for motorcyclists because of the bulk and the limited storage space available on bikes.

The ideal garment should also protect that rider from driving rain that penetrates your riding jacket and be able to dry quickly.

Years of research proved that there was nothing available on the market, that would satisfy the above requirements, so we decided to design one.

After three years of design, trial, and change, we now have the perfect top.

 Windproof where it counts, insulating where it’s needed, comfortable everywhere.

The ‘windward’ side is three layers: Hydrotex Chopper for wind-proofing across the chest and upper arms; a Thinsulate middle insulation layer for warmth; and, a pure New Zealand Merino fleece body for all-day comfort.

This triple layer covers the entire front of the chest area while the upper arms only have wind proofing for maximum freedom of movement under your jacket.

A mid-weight, extra height, double-layered Merino snood pulls up high under the helmet or sits low and bunched in the neck area, to lock the warmth in and hold the cold out, while being soft and comfortable.

The back panel is extended to the lower back to keep out the draft while riding, with the added benefit of a double-layered kidney warmer, and a fully zipped pocket.

The design allows full and comfortable freedom of movement in all riding positions and the Merino layer wicks away moisture so it is warm without overheating.

ROADOG is fully washable but with the Merino being the only material to touch the skin you won’t need to worry about that until you get home from the trip.

ROADOG is perfect for wearing under the protective/waterproof motorcycle jacket. You won’t need much else, and when you arrive at the destination, it is light and comfortable to wear in any social situation.