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ROADOG was born in New Zealand. It’s an ideal country for motorcycling but it can also present riders with four seasons in one day.

Staying warm can be a challenge on long rides in colder regions. The ROADOG light-weight, frontal-layered top was specifically designed to provide the perfect solution and keep you warm on your motorcycle.

ROADOG was developed and tested in New Zealand where the headwind can be bitterly cold even when the sun is out – similar to the plains of the American Midwest or the highways of northern Europe.

ROADOG’s lightweight, jacket style means you look and feel good wearing it on your journey, on the road, or when you are stopping for a drink.

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ROADOG is truly unique

ROADOG provides a unique combination of classic design with hi-tech clothing material.

The main body is made of 100% New Zealand merino fleece – soft and warm with anti-bacterial properties. Even in damp conditions, ROADOG maintains comfort by helping to draw moisture away from the body.

Where the wind hits the chest area, ROADOG has a second layer of thinsulate – five millimeters of highly effective insulating material.

The chest area and the upper arms are protected by a third layer of Hydrotex Chopper – a unique water-resistant and windproof material.

One of the additional features which makes ROADOG ideal for motorcyclists is the extended snood which is created by a double layer of mid-weight merino. This integrated feature is soft and comfortable yet sits securely to lock out the wind. It’s long enough to pull up over the face or can cover the ears and back of the head.

Add in the extra length on the lower back to keep out the draft, plus an extra layer added as a kidney warmer with a zipped pocket, and you have one of the most comfortable and versatile motorcycle tops on the market.

ROADOG is the perfect combination of wind protection, warmth, style and versatility.

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